So keeping a blog was a lot more difficult than I thought. Since I started this page. My job has made finding time to clay impossible. Oh yeah, I got a job. We sold our house. We bought a new house. And I’m going through clay withdrawals. Needless to say I did not complete the polymer clay challenge. I’m a Relocation Coordinator for a housing development, and my job is to house residents for the day while their apartments are being renovated. So when I’m not getting cussed out, yelled at and accused of things I didn’t promise…my day is long and tiresome. I’m on the construction site all day long, with all MEN! FUN, FUN, FUN! A bunch of children to be more like it. Other than that, I love my job…lol. Hopefully after all the holiday hub bub, I will get back to claying again…That’s what I desire. Real bad.

Week #5 2015PCChallenge

I had originally decided that I would just make candy and fruits miniatures for the month of February. But I recently received a commission order for some Disney jewelry so I will have to start working on those pieces as well. I will continue to work on the candy until i’m finish with the pieces that I have started. As I have several on my work station. I have yet to complete a Lemon/Banana and Chocolate set. An Orange/Peach and Chocolate set and a Blueberry/Black-raspberry and Chocolate set. These pieces will all be sold on my Dax Designs Website or in future shows with the Polymer Guild.

My Elbow still has a small crack in the corner and on some days I find it difficult to keep up with the challenge. There are days my arm just doesn’t want to cooperate with the pasta machine. Conditioning the clay can be unbearable for me. ¬†As I have been browsing through the albums of the Clay Challenge, I am in awe of the level of expertise of some of the artist. It makes me feel like I just picked up my first block of clay yesterday, when I look at some of the pieces. I can only hope to be so creative one day.

Polymer Clay Challenge

I am declaring that for the 2015 that I will do a weekly Polymer clay project. Since breaking my elbow back in November this has become a part of physical therapy for me. I have 2 more months to go. As of the last X-ray it is still cracked! So my projects will start out small. I have been working with clay for less that a year now and my love affair with it is growing deeper. My husband is starting to worry now that we don’t have a dining room anymore! I’m excited about this challenge and I look forward to late night dinners with my pasta machine.

I have found that as I have gotten older that I have become more sensitive to certain metals so I like designing my own jewelry that doesn’t irritate my skin. So my challenge will be along those line along with recycled light bulb ornaments. Since I’m just now coming in, looks like I have some catching up to do.